Monday, 5 December 2011

Anime I had to organise after a long period of time

My anime catalog had to be organised properly hence, I decided to get this job done today. Making the list of all the anime I had. Oh Dear God, never thought it would be this hard to catch up with all the 4 External HDD's I had. Firstly, I started off with the Old School Anime collection which I had in my transcend 1 TB external hard drive and the show started to get tedious as I added each and every anime to my list. I used an easy but popular anime social networking website called simply known as MAL. The organisation was simply neat with the list as it kept each and every track of my entry into the list. Firstly, it gave me the total of all the anime I had namely: TV, OVA, Movies and Specials also the total number of all the episodes which got tallied with the list.

I managed to keep my Incomplete List in the On Hold section, remember? I'm backlogging my anime collection which I replaced with the actual usage of the site. Let me explain you, MAL is for users who are pretty straight forward with what they watch. As in the entire log of anime at which they can refer to. But, I'm using this site for keeping the stats of my collection. I already own one MAL account for actual anime which I've watched but I needed an extra one which would act universally. For friends and other users who want to see my collection, this idea is pretty convenient to do that task. The completed section features the anime which I own personally. Most of them are on my External HDD about 99.5% and 0.5% are on DVDs. It's really a hard work if you're going to catalog each and every anime in your list in just one day, better take out some free time. When you're free for a week or so then it can be done easily.

Although, I made this decision of selecting MAL and not some other anime organisation site or program because it's pretty simple. I avoided AniDB (A site similar to MAL but which is for more advanced users who love to add each and every information for anime which they've seen, for example Fansubs, Storage etc. This option is available on MAL as well but I only want a simple list of stuff which I have so I simply add them instantly. The Watching section includes anime which I'm currently downloading, per episode. It's gonna get filled very soon but for now it's on a low scale. The Plan to Watch section contains anime which I'll be downloading, it may seem low as the Watching section but will be filled very soon.

Now for some series which are greatly rare, it becomes a pain in the ass to search them and when you come to know that the series doesn't exist in the database then then that's unexplainable. Though, I was happy that most of the classics which I own are present in the database making it easier to add them. I'm looking forward to add more anime in the future and for that I might need a couple of more HDD mainly externals to store them on.

                                                                  My current Hard Drives:

  • Transcend StoreJet 1 TB External x1
  • Seagate GoFlex Desk 1 TB External x2
  • Seagate GoFlex Ultra Portable Drive 320 GB x1
If you want to see my current MAL profile, visit:

Monday, 29 August 2011

The feeling of betrayal can be so unclaimed after watching Kuttsukiboshi: 01

So as to explain some major concepts after seeing the first episode of Kuttsukiboshi. In matters of debate, I was expecting it to be a smooth running 2 episode OVA with normal scenes and a vibrant plot. It starts off with a normal view and introduction of the characters. Like, Kawakami (the first main protagonist) is introduced as a girl with some unique powers, so just as to introduce a character, it's revealed that she has a major accident during the airstrikes due to which she gets the power to move objects without touching them. As after some time, Saitou Aya (the second main protagonist) is introduced as a normal high school girl leaving no signs of evilness or coldheartness. As the story progresses, Kawakami starts to develop feelings for Aya and eventually falls in love with her. Aya's view of getting to know about Kawakami liking her is systematic but later on things get pretty inverse as one might not expect them to arose at that stage. Aya has one more secret which Kawakami doesn't know about (which actually divides this anime into two sub genres).

The above pictures describe Kawakami's feelings for Aya as she goes to kiss Aya when she's asleep but gets surprised to find out that Aya kisses her instead as she knows the fact that Kawakami loves her.
Later, during Summer Breaks, the shcools are quite silent and lonely as no one wanders around. As both Kawakami and Aya find out that they have developed feelings for each other they make their school as their private meet-place where they meet everyday and make love with each other, though due to this Kawakami becomes pretty touchy with Aya's feelings as one day when Aya gives her hand made Tangled Stars which she makes for Kawakami and tells her to separate them via. her powers. These Tangled Stars play a very important role further in the series as they tell the future.

Now so as to bring the twist, one rainy day, Kawakami waits for Aya in school but after receiving her text which depicts that she isn't well and won't be coming to school Kawakami goes to meet Aya at her house. After meeting Aya at her place, Kawakami gets surprised to see many musical instruments which Aya explains to be of her brother, Kota ( The supporting character). As he's a popular music artist, Kawakami recommends Aya his songs and doubtfully asks weather she knows him. Surprised, Kawakami later finds out that Sota is Aya's brother.


Aya later tells that she lives with her brother only. One day, Aya accompanies Kawakami till the station as she lives far from Aya's place. After boarding Kawakami in the train, Aya gets a call from her brother. At this part of the episode things change drastically from the storyline's point of view. As the episode progresses further Kawakami remembers that she has forgotten her at Aya's place. This generalized realization proves to become a matter of betrayal for Kawakami. When Kawakami rings the door bell of Aya's house there's seem to be no response from Aya. Leaving no choice left, Kawakami uses her special powers to open the door from within and succeeds somehow. After receiving her phone at Aya's place, Kawakami heads back to the door, but at that same instance she sees a door opened of a room which is to be of Aya's brother, Kota. Curious of it, Kawakami tries to peek from the gap of the door inorder to find out what's happening inside. 
This part of the episode is supposed to be the main topic of this post.
After peeking in, she gets the biggest shock after seeing it from her very own eyes. 

Kawakami encounters Aya and her brother Kota having sex with each other. She finds out the secret which she doesn't know about Aya and it deeply affects her feelings for Aya.

 Even though of her feelings for Aya, Deeply shocked and heart broken Kawakami san runs after seeing Aya with her brother. After coming far from Aya's house she remembers the Tangled Hearts that Kawakami had given her, after taking them out, she gets amazed to find out that there's only one heart left as a matter of fact that it got separated. Remembering the thing about the Tangled Hearts which actually tell the future, Kawakami realizes that she's got separated from Aya and also the fact that betrayal can be so astounding within the range of co-incidence.

This episode was one of the most surprising episodes I've watched uptil now, to the fact that it takes the story at a certain level and brings out that unexpected twist due to which a certain viewer might get a different reaction. It has some vibrant mix of Shoujo-Ai, Romance, Yuri and Slice of Life. Also the title plays a vital role as well. As it's rated as R+ , I'm curious about this as what they might bring in the 2nd episode. I'm looking forward for the 2nd episode of Kuttsukiboshi which was to be released during the Spring of 2011, I hope they'll release it soon.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Eureka Seven (TV) Review.

Okay, to start with Eureka Seven it's known for it's plot and screen play mostly. I'm truely impressed with Dai Sato's Work as a director where he completly brought the whole series at a limit of exact 50 episodes and didn't indulge it with major fillers.

Starting with the plot itself, I'd like to tell you that it acts like a loaded gun, loaded gun in the sense that the first 1 - 30 episodes are taken as a loaded cartrage with the introductory part containing the main elements and the borderline of the plot and when once the cartrage is loaded in the gun and when it's fired. THERE! You come to know each and everything i.e. The importance of the first 30 episodes. It gives you the satisfaction of watching and giving the importance of the first 30 episodes. People usually drop the series when they come to the 25th or say 30th episode but those episodes are important enough to get the grip of the anime.

About the characters, each and every character is important here, weather it may be the main character or the supporting character, everything has something which makes the series a huge success. No off balanced characters, pretty good character design, and their profound qualities. One important thing about the characters is that they teach many important themes of life which include self respect, parenting, love, honesty, family, protection and many other important elements. Studio Ghibli animator Kenichi Yoshida holds a major credit for the character design in the series as he was the character designer and animator.

Moving on with the Music. This anime contains some good vibrant soundtracks. The OP's, ED's, OST's, Insert Songs all are worth as they were very well implemented in the series which were placed according to the series advancement. Tey all were composed really well.

As for the placement, it was outstanding. The placement has some speciality ofcourse. The era of space due to the arrival of the 'Scub Coral' which is the adaptation of a new life form related to plants and who are harmful to the human race. The fantasy in the anime is itself a paradise for the viewer and leaves a profound impact on the viewer's mind. All in all, brilliant work from Studio Bones, Yutaka Izubuchi as well as from Shoji Kawamori known as one of the best mecha designers who has created various masterpieces of mecha anime such as The Super Dimension Fotress Macross, Macross 7, Macross Frontier, The Visions of Escaflown and many others.

In the end, The rating would be 10/10 for the lossless presentation and influencing artwork. If you're a sci-fi, fantasy groover, looking for anime with mild contrast with space and fantasy, Then Eureka Seven is just for you.